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Baby Newborn Eyelet Playset Baju Baby Lubang-lubang Harian Baby (READY STOCK)

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One Set Contains:

1 top

1 short pant

Size available for newborn suitable 0-3m and 3-6m (depends on baby growth, if baby chubby can wear short time only)

Product Highlights

✨Made of Soft Cotton Material

✨Breathable Cotton

✨ Attractable Color

✨Prevent rashes and discomfort

✨Suitable for 0 - 3 months (0-3 bulan) and 3-6 months

A baby eyelet is a must have item for newborn. New mommy to be must get this item for your new baby. Keep baby comfortable during hot weather and prevent rashes.


Breathable material – It is made with breathable material so that the baby would not feel hot when wearing.